How to access the Masonic Gathering Net using EchoLink

The node number for the *Masons* Conference is 83055. The EchoLink System allows for remote
access to the conference through repeaters and stations linked to the conference. You may find a local on-the-air link
which will allow you to check into the Gathering.


Echolink can be used either through gateways, or by amateurs using computers. Echolink supports conference rooms, and the gateways respond to DTMF commands. It also permits computer to computer contacts. Echolink can be downloaded from

The Echolink software package has more bell and whistles. In addition to station to station contacts, the package provides a text box for messaging the computer stations you are in contact with. It also lets you set up favorites and alarms lists. It does require memory to run and may require the opening of certain ports on your router. There are free apps available for mobile devices such as the I-Phone, etc., which work extremely well.

Non-Mason Amateurs are Welcome

We invite you to check into the Gathering Net and hope you will find the Masonic Fellowship
as enjoyable as the rest of us have.

Fraternally Yours and 73  Wade, Joe, Gary, Pat, Kelly & Danny