History of the Masonic Gathering Net


The Masonic Gathering

is a group of Amateur Radio Operators who belong to the oldest and greatest fraternity in the world, the Freemasons!  We gather each Sunday evening at 8:30 CST (02:30 UTC Monday during the Central Standard Time, 01:30 UTC during Daylight Saving Time) in the *Mason* Conference on EchoLink and via repeaters and links connected to the room across the world.

In 2002, Brother Johnny Davis, K5JD of Dallas Lodge #760 started hosting eQSO on his server.  At the suggestion of Brother Dick Brown, KE5R, a Freemason Room was opened up on the server.  Interest grew as brothers started finding the room and chatting.  Some times the room would have several brothers there and other time it would be empty. One evening, a group of the regulars were talking that it would be nice to have one time you could go to the room and find someone always there. Thus was born the ideal of the “Gathering”

The first “Gathering” was held on September 8, 2002 with 10 checking in. The “Gathering” was and still is held on Sunday evenings at 8:30 pm CST so not to conflict  with  any  Lodge meeting or Church Functions.


The purpose of the “Gathering” is for Brother Amateur  Radio   Masons  to  fellowship and exchange information. Many of our check-ins do not have the opportunity to attend lodge due to work or health reasons and the “Gathering” gives them the opportunity for Masonic Fellowship.

The Gathering is not a lodge, but just a Gathering of Masons who share the hobby of  Amateur   Radio and a love of the Craft. We are not recognized by any Grand Lodge or appending bodies.

Check-ins are open to the public and we do not discuss any of the esoteric work of the craft in the rooms or on the airwaves.

The Petition

Just our little way of knowing about you and your lodge and information for our Gathering List and "Weekly Reminder". We will NOT PUBLISH your email address on the Gathering List. But we need it to send you the Weekly Reminder. No one will see your email address but The Web Master, Net Control, and the Secretary